26 Jan 2014

Planting The Seed


The start of my journey into WoW began when me and my wife went to visit her parents over Christmas in 2012. As it was so far away it was only common sense that we stayed for a couple of days before moving on to the next family members.
I got a little bit bored one day and wandered off into her brothers' bedroom, where he could usually be found in his room on his computer, playing either WoW or some random indie game that he had discovered before it became cool. This time it just so happened that he was playing WoW.

Giving in to temptation

I have always wanted to play WoW, but at the same time I had always resisted the urge to plunge myself into such a huge 'commitment' for various reasons such as - Will i have enough time? Will such an old game actually be any good? Will the subscription be worth it? It was about time I found out from an actual person, so i set about assaulting Cats poor brother with 100's of questions.

I asked him everything I could think of to get more information about the game; do you really use all of those buttons? Can you still find stuff to do after all this time? Are all the classes balanced? Do people actually still play WoW?! He sat comfortably in his gaming chair with a small grin on his face, answering all my questions like he was some kind of WoW guru without barely taking his attention away from the archeology he was doing at the time, all the while I'm sure he knew what the ultimate conclusion of the conversation would be, without even trying he would completely sell me the game. I remember thinking 'how could he act so cool over something that has such a huge stigma attached to it?' WoW in my eyes is the holy grail of geekyness.

After I was finally satisfied with my answers I though to ask him one last question; ''How do you not find that boring?''(in reference to the archeology he was doing), He told me that he was looking for the Qiraji Battletank mount and that if he found it he would be one of the very very few people on the whole of the server to own one. I think that was the final nail in the coffin for me, I am extremely competitive and being able to have a mount that only 0.3% of people on the server owned... that is pretty cool.

I bought the game via my phone that very same day. I have never looked back.

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