31 Jan 2014

Healing SoO - The Fallen Protectors

Hello again readers, I sit here in my little air conditioned 2 man room typing away furiously to bring you another Heroic guide; this time it's all about the Fallen Protectors.

Three's a Crowd

From a pure healing point of view, this fight is a complete and utter mess, but at the same time its actually pretty well organized... What I mean by this is that at first, when your DPS are not accustomed to the fight, you will be healing so hard that you will be ooming yourself rather quickly. I think both me and my co-healer were pulling 250k HP/s each up until the point we wiped on the first 3 or 4 tries (I think my raid group underestimate HC's a bit too much!). As we all learned to deal with the mechanics a bit better the healing figures went down pretty drastically. This fight puts high emphasis on each individual making the right decisions and as such it tests the skill level of everyone present.

Lets get down into the nitty gritty shall we?!

 What is different from normal mode?

  • The travel time of the beer barrels thrown by Rook (Corrupted Brew) decreases by 0.5 seconds every two casts. This effect is reset when Rook enters Desperate Measures.
  • The adds that appear during Rook's Desperate Measures now have a shared health pool.
  • The Debilitation debuff applied during He's Desperate Measures now reduces armor by 80% for 4 minutes, up from 50% for 2 minutes in Normal mode.
  • Sun's Calamity deals 10% more of players' maximum health with each cast. This effect is reset when Sun enters Desperate Measures.
  • Greatly increased damage on most of the abilities

What the raid should do

 The strategy is largely the same as normal when it comes to positioning and dps priorities:

  • Take Rook to 66%.
  • Take He to 66% (clear all Garrote bleeds).
  • Take Sun to 66% (clear all Shadow Word: Bane).
  • Take Rook to 33%.
  • Take He to 33%. (clear all Garrote Bleeds).
  • Take Sun to 33%. (clear all Shadow Word: Bane).
  • Kill all three bosses at the same time

However take note that all of the abilities do hit much harder so it is especially important that the DPS work as a team and try their best to minimize damage where they can.

Your job as a healer

As I said earlier this fight is a bit hectic, there are a lot of abilities to contend with. Make sure you know the differences between Normal and HC, it is essential in order to know what to expect when they happen.

Another one of my famous bullet point guides:

General healing notes

  • Keep an eye out for Sha sear targets, be sure to stick a Juve on them and Swiftmend where necessary. If they are too close to other people throw a wild growth in their direction.
  • Be constantly aware of who has garrote on them, keep them permanently Juved and wild growth-ed. Be prepared to genesis and re-hot if more than one person gets below 50% HP. Keep your lifebloom on whoever you deem to be the squishiest member of your party with the DOT on them. Do not underestimate this DOT on HC, it ticks for 108k every 2 seconds.
  • Keep efflo in a 'safe place'. Make it your job to ensure the place you put your efflo does not have void zones in it, the void zones are small and green and pretty difficult to spot, but if your dps know that your efflo's are 'safe' it is on less thing to distract them while they are busy.
  • INSTANTLY dispel Shadow word bane, this will make your life 1000% easier. If you fail to do this, you will struggle a whole lot more than you need to. Talk to your co-healer and work out a system to split the dispels so that you both don't try and dispel the same person (I dispelled left side of decursive Krom did the right side).
  • Be ready for Sun's Calamity well in advance and ensure you know how much % it will hit for this time (it increases by 10% for each cast). If you know her next Calamity will hit for 50%, ensure everyone is full and popping def CD's ready for it, you should pop a tranq right after the last calamity before you push her into desperate measures, garrotes can easily finish off a member in your party who is unlucky enough to get a well timed tick.
  • Dont be stingy with your instant heals, Corrupted brew hits for around 75% of a raiders HP and leaves them vunerable to be picked off by something silly. The second you see a raider drop <50%, use anything in your arsenal to get them to 80%+ (Swiftmends, instant Heal touch procs, Nat swift Heal touches).

Rook Desperate measures

  • Be wary that whoever is tanking Misery will take some nasty damage from Defiled Ground, throw him an ironbark and a Juve to keep him smiling.
  • Get 4 or so people into your efflo for Inferno Strike and as soon as that sucker explodes Bloom your efflo. Instant full hp on everyone involved!!
  • Help interrupt Corruption Shock if your DPS are struggling or you see it has nearly completed its cast. You do NOT want this ability to happen, EVER

He Desperate measures 

  • No doubt the raid leader has decided the rotation for passing the Mark of Anguish around. Ensure you are fully aware of who is taking it and take into consideration what class they are. 
  • Mages can simply Ice block it and therefore you can carry on healing the raid with no worries
  • Paladins can be all overpowered and stuff and also be damage immune for a while
  • Hunters can double deterrence and again will not require healing
  • All other classes will require some pretty heavy healing while they have this DOT on them, ensure they are iron barked and have every single hot in your arsenal active. There is a margin of error for holding it too long, but it will mean you have to use all of your instant heal abilities to compensate for the mistake.
  • Don't forget about the rest of the raid, it is quite easy to be sucked into looking purely at the Mark of anguish!

Sun Desperate measures

  • Dark Meditation will hurt quite a bit on Heroic so be ready for it, add this to all the various other bits of damage it makes a lot of sense to use your CD's here. Tranq will be on CD due to being used just prior to Desperate measures (the last calamity hurts a lot). Natures Vigil and Incarnation combined is pretty powerful as it will raise your healing potential and help the DPS kill all the adds simultaneously.
  • Keep efflo where you are all grouped up and don't be afraid to pop it if you think it is getting a little bit hairy!

Hints and tricks! 

The beauty of this fight is that the vast majority of the damage on the raid will come from various DOTS and periodic damage (Garrote, Shadow Word: Bane, Mark of anguish, Sha Sear and Dark Meditation), and oh my look at that, you are a Druid who specializes in HOTS, how convenient!! 
Hotting up Garroted people with Juve/Wild growth/nourish/lifebloom is MORE than enough to allow you to concentrate on your spacial awareness and the few instances of spike damage that can occur. Remember Druids, letting lifebloom expire is a GOOD thing, it does a huge heal if it is stacked at 3, if someone is at 60% HP with a garrote on them but your lifebloom is about to expire than you don't need to heal them for a little while longer. Just be sure to re-apply it afterwards.

 Bloom is amazing in this fight, here are some perfect instances to use it in:

  • After Inferno Strikes
  • After Calamity
  • Near the end of Sun's desperate measures

If you have a DK in your raid Symbiosis gives you Icebound fortitude - another defensive CD that you can use to help you mitigate Calamity damage.
You can ignore the tanks to a certain extent on this fight due to the low damage the bosses actually hit them for, so just be wary of them during Rooks desperate measures (Defiled Ground) but the rest of the time just ignore them!


This fight is pretty fun when you are progressing, there is a lot going on and a lot to keep track of as a healer so the challenge is very engaging and rewarding to pull off. There is nothing like watching 2 people getting a debuff and then instantly seeing both people get dispelled at the same time, I want to high five my co-healer every time!

Good luck with the boss and I hope you have a blast.


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