17 Mar 2014

WoD Healing changes

Since reading the revealed healing changes here, there has been a thrum of excitement from the healing community on Twitter and in game. The changes make me extremely happy, but have been met with mixed responses - understandably. In my opinion these changes are needed desperately; read on to find out why.

3 Feb 2014

Healing under Scrutiny Part 1 - Absorbs and Smart Heals

This is the beginning of a series of articles where I plan on highlighting and evaluating possible flaws in the healing system. Using research, my experience and some logical reasoning to try and answer the question that exists on a lot of healers lips at the moment: Is healing broken?

31 Jan 2014

Healing SoO - The Fallen Protectors

Hello again readers, I sit here in my little air conditioned 2 man room typing away furiously to bring you another Heroic guide; this time it's all about the Fallen Protectors.

27 Jan 2014

How to become the perfect DPS

Are you interested in becoming 'that person' who always tops the charts, hardly ever dies and seemingly knows his class so unbelievably well it makes everyone wish they were that skilled? Get a brew, get comfy and I will teach you how.

26 Jan 2014

Healing SoO - Immerseus

Greetings from sunny Salalah everyone, I currently have plenty of spare time to kill as I am (for obvious reasons) unable to play World of Warcraft, so instead I thought I would do something constructive!

This post with guide you through heroic mode Immerseus, he is extremely different from normal mode so beware!

Healing 101

Keeping your closest friends alive while you are doing a hobby that makes you happy (raiding), holds an extremely special place in my heart, and if you feel the same way about healing you have come to the right place.

1-90 As a MoP Baby

I remember my leveling experience in WoW being truly terrible. I have spoken to various people, and also had a look on the WoW EU forums regarding this matter and everyone is more or less saying the same thing, if you smothered peanut butter all over the keyboard and unleashed a Chimpanzee into the room, he could lick its way all the way up to level 90 within week.

Ok, ok... i may have exaggerated a TINY bit, but bare with me...

Planting The Seed


The start of my journey into WoW began when me and my wife went to visit her parents over Christmas in 2012. As it was so far away it was only common sense that we stayed for a couple of days before moving on to the next family members.
I got a little bit bored one day and wandered off into her brothers' bedroom, where he could usually be found in his room on his computer, playing either WoW or some random indie game that he had discovered before it became cool. This time it just so happened that he was playing WoW.

25 Jan 2014

An Introduction

About me 


Me And my Wife
Hello readers, my name is Jason, I am a 25 year old communications specialist within the Royal Air Force, but more than that, I am a gamer. I currently live with a cat called Panda and my wife/fellow gamer/best friend called Cat, she is as passionate about gaming as I am, and you know what they say: 'couples who play together stay together'. All we need is a Panda called Wife and the strange name triangle would be complete!