26 Jan 2014

Healing SoO - Immerseus

Greetings from sunny Salalah everyone, I currently have plenty of spare time to kill as I am (for obvious reasons) unable to play World of Warcraft, so instead I thought I would do something constructive!

This post with guide you through heroic mode Immerseus, he is extremely different from normal mode so beware!



Immerseus is a boss that our DPS seemed to struggle with a little bit, and as such us healers felt the full force of the boss mechanics drain our mana like an hourglass! Once the DPS grasped it, the boss went down pretty easily and has never given us problems since

What is different from normal mode?

  • Immerseus gains a buff in Phase 1 called Swelling Corruption the buff has one stack for every 2 points of Corruption that the boss has.
  • Every attack made against the boss removes a stack of the buff, and causes the attacker to gain a stack of a dispellable 6-second debuff , and spawn an add called Congealed Sha
  • The DoT damage from the debuff increases over the course of its 6-second duration.
  • Sha Bolts are far more frequent and will fill up a quadrant quickly.
  • The ability Sha Pool during Phase 2 is a void zone that grows from the center of the room unless a raid member is standing in it, in which case it will shrink

What the raid should do:



  • Form on big line in the biggest open bit of ground (at the back of the room) by the water channel.
  • Tanks should obviously swap when required and face the boss roughly 60 degrees away from the raid group.
  • DPS should be very careful to never gain more than 4 stacks of the debuff from Immerseus, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!
  • Every time a sha bolt hits you, move slightly to the right, just enough to get out from the pool it leaves behind.
  • Do not get near the tank that is currently holding the boss, Corrosive Blast really hurts!
  • During Phase 2 split the raid up into 3 groups to kill/heal the adds, try to have healers standing close to the middle to stop the Sha pool from growing.
  • Rinse repeat kill boss!

Your job as a healer

Now that you understand what is expected of the raid group I can go on to explain in detail how this fight usually pans out for us poor healers! Again i will stick to by bullet point fasion because it is easier to read and generally has a more simple straightforward look to it.

  • Ensure you keep as many people in your Efflorescence as possible, you will be shifting right alot due to the Sha bolts so dont forget to keep moving it.
  • When the DPS first start killing the boss expect an absolute crap tonne of damage to hit the raid, Sha bolts, congealed Sha, the shadow damage debuff and of course the tank over yonder will be taking a corrosive blast to the face.
  • During the first Phase 1 do not be stingy with all of your big cooldowns, this is the hardest part of the boss for healers.
  • Dispell any numpty that has gained more than 4 stacks, failing that you can encourage your best DPS to tunnel Immerseus and you can dispell his stacks from him when they hit 5-6.
  • When Immerseus splits HOT up as many people as you can to combat residual effects of the DOT.
  • Look for bunched up heal adds, believe it or not you can actually use bloom to heal them! So place an efflo near the center where they will naturally bunch up, single target heal the other strays and when the group enters your efflo bloom it. I have caught 6 adds in one bloom before, it was glorious!
  • Genesis is your friend for healing random stray adds ;)
  • Don't hesitate to throw out a mass entanglement on the bad adds to help out dps a little bit.
  • Run back to your starting position ensuring that you heal people as you go along
  • Rinse and repeat!

Hints and Tricks!

 The closer you get the the end of the boss the more healing adds will appear and it will start getting difficult to actually heal them all, but druids actually have a secret weapon up our sleeves for this (other than bloom, OP!), this secret weapon is called INCARNATION! While you are in your crazy tree form you can cast instant nourishes. this means you can innervate yourself and then spam nourish like an absolute madman to heal every single one of those little badboys to full HP.
 Another cool trick is that if you cast symbiosis on a Priest you will gain lifegrip, this ability is not only fantastic for trolling your raid team with but can actually be used to pull back the friendly adds if they get too near the pool and you havnt had time to heal them yet!

And there you have it folks, I wish you all the best of luck and I will be back soon with the next installment of the Druid healing SoO series!

Enjoy those Blooms!


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