26 Jan 2014

1-90 As a MoP Baby

I remember my leveling experience in WoW being truly terrible. I have spoken to various people, and also had a look on the WoW EU forums regarding this matter and everyone is more or less saying the same thing, if you smothered peanut butter all over the keyboard and unleashed a Chimpanzee into the room, he could lick its way all the way up to level 90 within week.

Ok, ok... i may have exaggerated a TINY bit, but bare with me...


I admit I was a little bit naughty in the fact that I rushed way to level 90 in order to raid with my brother-in-laws guild, I skipped the vast majority of the story text and chained dungeons like a baws. But even so, where is the difficulty in this game sub level 90? At no point would I ever require cooldowns, or even manage to complete an actual DPS rotation to kill even 'Elite' mobs. This in turn massively effected the immersion and 'sense of fear' that comes from playing a correctly tuned game. In all honesty I was completely bored for the first week that i spent licking the peanut butter off of my keyboard.

If anyone has played games like DayZ, Final fantasy 7 (taking on that snake outside of Nibelheim that Sephiroth had killed), or even just Mario for god sake. You try your best not to die, you take care, you calculate risks and the character you play slowly becomes worth more and more to you the deeper you delve into the game.


In WoW I could happily ROFLstomp several adds 2 levels higher than me with AOE spells whilst barely batting an eyelid, and hey if I do decide to try and chainpull 100's of mobs in a dungeon and somehow die, who cares? Simply run back to corpse and feel a little bit silly for trying to tank on a dps class!


I find out a few months later the existence of Heirlooms. I purchased a full set and decided to level another character to 90  but this time round I would take my time in reading all/most of the quest text provided, I have to admit I rather enjoyed the time and effort put into some of the stories and lore. But alas this only slightly sweetened that fact that I could kill mobs of my level with auto attacks on a caster spec character.

All the old players are saying the same thing, the glory days are gone, welcome to WoW, where the game begins at level 90.

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