25 Jan 2014

An Introduction

About me 


Me And my Wife
Hello readers, my name is Jason, I am a 25 year old communications specialist within the Royal Air Force, but more than that, I am a gamer. I currently live with a cat called Panda and my wife/fellow gamer/best friend called Cat, she is as passionate about gaming as I am, and you know what they say: 'couples who play together stay together'. All we need is a Panda called Wife and the strange name triangle would be complete!

A traumatic gaming past... 


I started playing games as soon as I was old enough to be able to hold a control pad, The first game I ever played was pong on the Atari, I do however have slightly bad memories of that game ever since my big brother got angry after I beat him, he proceeded to rip the power cable out from the plug socket in such a manner that he electrocuted himself and ended up on the other side of the room... Despite that slightly traumatic event my insatiable love of video games has never stopped, my favorite games were Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9 and 10, Tekkens, Gran Turismo's, Time splitters, Golden Eye, Borderlands, Baulders Gate... The list is actually quite endless!!

Upon reflection I actually think that my love has grown even deeper ever since I finally gave in to Sirens call that WoW was throwing my way, the game, the community, the players, I love them all and I do not think I will ever stop for as long as they stay so truly amazing.

Not a complete noob!


I would like to quickly express that I was definitely not new to the Warcraft universe when i started WoW, I played Warcraft 1, 2 and 3 on the PC, I very much enjoyed all the mods and extra online games that the community created for well over a year on Warcraft 3, it is nothing short of astonishing what the gaming community can come up with when they are handed a little bit of power to play around with the engine (Skyrim is an excellent example of this). Thus I was partially familiar with some of the characters and a lot of the lore prior to finally getting stuck into WoW for the first time.
TD in Warcraft 3!

Next Article, How it all began...

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